Proud of the Pieces


               Half of me was stitched together by the open mountain air, the flowing and fearless ocean, and the free spirit of adventure. Half of my heart will always beat to the rhythm of cultures colliding.  My thoughts will always meander along winding paths between the polar points of norms. A rush of adrenaline, a thrill of adventure, a change of view; these traits engraved on my spirit, an ever hungry search. California raised me, and loves me still.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe smell of rain soothes the troubles of my mind. My eyes caress the green lush land, the stunning beauty of the bayous, and the gentility of grazing cattle. Food that promises to satisfy flesh, warms and feeds the soul. The midnight stars shine like visible Gods in the sky, as peace and tranquility sing their polite song. My Louisiana, where half of my existence and all of my plans, serenely dwell.

Half of me born of the former. Half of me formed by the later. All of me proud of the pieces.