ADHDelirious survival

Well I’ve almost run out of room for name tags, lets see theres: Mom, Wife, Full time employee, College student, Homeschool Teacher, blogger and ADHD surviving advocate!

The youngest of my 3 children is T. He is the inspiration behind many of my blog posts.

I am an advocate on his behalf, and outspoken on matters of family, adversity and encouragement!

While many of my thoughts are rooted in serious reasoning, I am not serious in character and hope to share a feeling of empowerment, uplifting and enthusisasm as we all dance through the challenges we face!

ADD/ADHD are often topics I cover, using personal experience and research I have come to trust and rely on. If the changes that help my son can help others then in that I will be doing what I feel called to do. Thank you for every like, every comment and every minute you spent letting me into yourselves. 

I’ve also resolved to allow myself to speak openly about health, mental illness and my experiences with addiction, recover, marriage, life and failure. 


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