Where can you improve this year?



We all have areas of life that we’d like to improve upon. If you can’t think of any area in your life that could use a little upgrading, chances are you have passed your alcohol limit for the day and should sober up and come back later!

When we stop looking for areas to improve, we stop growing. Take a look at that plant you never water, see how it stopped growing and turned brown and sad-looking? Yea,  It’s dead. When you stop nurturing new growth, you stop growing, when you stop growing, you die. Maybe not literally, but really, if you’re reading my blog and taking much of it seriously, you’ll be wanting to have me committed, and I am far too busy to learn how to escape from a straight jacket.

So, where do we begin? How’s your romantic life? How have you felt as a parent lately? What does your home FEEL like today? How scared are you of your balance at the bank?

Lets face it, we struggle in all of these areas in cycles don’t we?

This week my house is slightly cleaner than it was last week, but mostly because I’m hiding 4 baskets of clean, unfolded laundry behind closed doors! All we can strive for is perfection right? WRONG! We strive for daily successes, small victories and big miracles. And we do it all again tomorrow. We can all improve, but we wont get into a mindset of growth by crying about today’s struggles. Struggle proudly! Keep moving, and Improving. You are amazing!

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